2020 Okinawa Gasshuku

I will try and keep a list of questions and answers on here. People are asking and it's worth answering just the once...

  • What about Covid-19 Corona virus?
Our communication from Okinawa is: "[...]  as long as he is able to enter a country where a seminar is to be held then he is fine with going ahead. He will decide if and when to cancel a seminar. Thank you all for your concern about his health. He is monitoring developments and will make any necessary decisions on a need to basis. [...] If a seminar goes ahead then each attendee is able to make a decision as to whether or not they attend. Attendance will ultimately be a decision of each individual [...]"

As of 13 March 2020 there is no announcement that the Okinawa event has been cancelled. 

  • When:  Thu 12 Nov - Sat 14 Nov 2020
  • How Much: Y20,000 seminar fee
  • Are the dates firm:
    • Yes. The venue is booked
  • Where: the Okinawa Karate Kaikan. That's the new headquarters for Okinawa Karate
  • Who can come:
    • We welcome members of the Okinawa Goju Ryu Kenkyukai
    • That means you are an individual member, or a member of a Shibu or Jun Shibu Dojo
  • What if I'm not a member of the Kenkyukai?
  • Is the training rank restricted?
    • No. Be a member of the Kenkyukai. There is no grade/rank restriction
  • Can I bring Juniors?
    • Taira sensei generally does not welcome Juniors to Seminars. The International seminar is an exception. Bring your juniors, they will be provided with appropriate training. Same fee.
  • What about other training with Taira Sensei?
    • We're expecting nearly 150 people. Taira sensei's home dojo takes aboout 15. You do the math. No. Nothing planned. 
  • Can we book accommodation yet?
    • Of course you can. Okinawa is a major tourist destination. There are lots of hotels.
    • But Glenn booked for me last time? Maybe, but he's about booked out everything now, some very large contingents have made block bulk bookings as soon as they were able. If you haven't booked with Glenn, then you're probably out of luck. 
  • Gradings?
    • Undecided.
  • Social venues & Events?
    • To be determined. 

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