Tuesday 28 November 2023

NZ seminar recap

 How was the Dunedin NZ seminar? 

We're going to call it a success. We had visitors from Australia; we had organisation members from all over the country; and we had other Goju organisation students that came to learn Taira sensei's methods  that they may be able to incorporate into their understanding of Kata.

The Friday was a Okinawa Gojuryu Kenkyukai members only session.  These have lots of value as they usually focus more on the kata and kihon instead of being  heavily bunkai oriented. A smaller group than the main seminar, about 30 people. But most are familiar with Sensei's teaching, so it's  tweaks, correction and "secrets" 😄rather than just bunkai.

Saturday and Sunday  Sensei tried to keep the applications  relevant to specific kata. So he started with Saifa, worked through that, then Seiunchin, Sanseru. While there were lots of people there that don't train Sensei's methods all the time, there were sufficient skilled members to help. Special thanks to Steve Nedelkos and Paul Chandler from Melbourne. There were others as well, too many to name. 

Steve was often Sensei's uke, though when he needed to be a bit more physical  Kauri Tepana and Richie Dickens were accorded the privilege. 

In the middle of the Sunday Steve and Sensei did a bit of a demonstration of Bo Kumite. I was a little surprised he did it in a public setting, and I had to remind some that  recording video in a seminar is not permitted. 

Overall we were happy with the seminar. Sensei did comment on the younger participants. He feels that he cannot teach some applications for safety reasons when there are juniors present. I'm sure they enjoyed themselves but he had concerns. 



Wednesday 18 October 2023

NZ Seminar November 2023


Seminar coming up soon. For those that have been before, the training venue for the weekend has changed from previous years as we couldn't get the hall for both days. The Taieri College gym is good! 

Wednesday 2 August 2023

2024 Seminar list in link above

 We have started the tentative 2024  schedule for seminars. See the Seminar Schedule on the top bar of this site.

Sunday 25 June 2023

Pictures from New Jersey

 A great seminar in New Jersey, with some significant promotions. Congratulations to all. 

Thursday 16 February 2023

Seminar List for 2023

These are all linked on the organization google calendar and on the link to the left of this posting.


  • March 24-26 Udine Italy
  • April 14-16 Melbourne Australia
  • May 26-27 Paris France
  • June 23-25 New Jersey USA
  • July 29-30 Gold Coast Australia
  • August 18-20 Belgium
  • September 15-17 Saugerties New York USA
  • October 13-15 Ottawa Canada
  • November 24-26 Dunedin New Zealand