Thursday, 5 October 2017

Iowa seminar - 2017

Taira Masaji sensei was in Iowa (USA) June 16,17 and 18th.

2017 Iowa seminar group photo
We welcomed some new participants this year from Chinen Teruo sensei’s organization, a very nice group of men with open minds, whom Taira Sensei went on to totally impress. Also attending from out of town were sensei Ken Erridge and Dr. Sue Robinson from England, other shibus joining the Iowa gasshuku were Chuck Nuccio from New York , who also has made numerous trips to Iowa for training, John and Nancy Eccles also from New York, Travis Young from Wisconsin.

It was a great atmosphere with some wonderful humans.

Taira sensei with Brian Loterbaue sensei
Brian Loterbauer sensei & Ken Erridge sensei

Monday, 2 October 2017

Auckland Seminar October 2017

Taira sensei will be teaching a seminar in Auckland NZ 28/29 October 2017. More information at

Dunedin NZ Seminar 21/22 October

Taira Sensei will be running a seminar in Dunedin New Zealand 21/22 October 2017.

More information is at

September 2017 - United States

This years New York Seminar was held on the weekend of September 16th and 17th, and included 28 participants from around the U.S. and Canada. Included were Kenkyukai Shibus, Tanka Ramos, Chris Langello, Mark Loucks and John and Nancy Eccles.
Group photo

There was a large difference in peoples earlier exposure to Sensei Taira's training and so we paired people with more experience with those that had less, while Sensei concentrated the weekend on Seyunchin.

Taira sensei and Chuck Nuccio sensei
The teaching was excellent as always and we were helped to understand even more detail through the interpreting of Kentaro Aragaki and Mark Loucks. Many thanks to them.

Also during the seminar Sensei Taira promoted Chris Langello to Rokudan and Nancy and John Eccles to Godan. Congratulations to them on this achievement.

August 2017 - Australia

Over the weekend of 19th-27th August, over 95 Karateka from many Goju styles travelled from the Middle East, Thailand, Queensland, Canberra, South Australia, regional Victoria and Metropolitan Melbourne and Sydney to gather together for one reason and one reason only, to train with Masaji Taira Sensei.

August 2017 Taira sensei seminar (Group photo)

This is the 7th year running, that Sensei has visited our shores and once again, he left us thrilled with the response of Aussie Karateka and their willingness to empty their cups and look beyond their regular training. Participants were treated to applications that started with Gekisai and amazingly evolved to Suparinpei, demonstrating the many correlations between each and every kata.

Pete Keogh sensei with Taira Sensei
Once again I had the privilege to host the Melbourne leg and again Sensei left the participants scratching their heads and wondering “How did he do that?” We're again looking forward to this coming March 3/4th for Melbourne and also excitingly bring Sensei to Adelaide South Australia 10/11th March for the first time.

Pete Keogh
Goju-Ryu Kenkyukai Shibu

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Italy Seminar 2017

Masaji Taira Sensei, the 9th dan chairman of the Okinawa Goju Ryu Kenkyukai, returned to Udine-Italy. Making this visit the 9th visit to Italy. The event was organized by Buttazzoni Andrea Sensei and the seminar was attended by 56 participants from Italy and  several parts of europe: France, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Swiss,

Karate Dojo Udine and Buttazzoni Andrea sensei thanks all, who taked part on the Seminar.

A special thanks to Kenkyukai Shibu's:
France - Nirina Rakotozafiminahy;
Hungary - László Kiss;
Switzerland - Hugo Cuneo;
Italy - Mattia Maritan and Massimiliano Andreani.

Saturday, March 25 was held the Dan grading. President of Commission Masaji TAIRA sensei. 

Have been promoted:
Yassin RKBI 

Gianpaolo GRENDENE

Francesco REALE


The best compliments to all examinees !!

New Shibo dojo status:
Taira sensei  has awarded shibu status for Spain to MIGUEL ANGEL MARTIN. Welcome to Kenkyu Kai family Miguel!!!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Goju-Ryu Kenkyukai Switzerland seminar

From 28th to 29th January at the invitation of Ugo Cuneo sensei, I gave a seminar in Kenkyukai  Switzerland dojo in Geneva.

First day I taught drills useful for Gekisai ichi and ni bunkai. The idea was to explain the principles of Taira sensei bunkai work, as I understood. How with the help of the drills implementing the techniques of the kata in the bunkai. From parts of the kata I taught drills then I explained how to put kata techniques on “open close change”, then I taught bunkai on each part of the kata to finally finish with basic renzoku bunkai.

For me it’s important to explain the principles to the student on the base of a kata they all know well. Then it’s possible to teach on other kata bunkai.

The main focus of the second day was to apply these principles with more drills on two kata Shisochin and Sanseru.

I must say that Ugo sensei students were well prepared for this seminar and it was easy and pleasant to teach theme.

Thank you very much to Hugo Cuneo sensei, his wife, his assistants and all his students for their welcome and kindness.