Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Great article on Glenn Cunningham

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The list of member dojos has been updated on here. It is probably still incomplete. There's supposed to be 50 shibu dojos but Taira sensei has the records. I'll try to get that updated when he comes to NZ in October.

The seminar list has been moved to this site also, and you can see it in the tab above. It's easier to update that on here than on the old site, and it's all in one place, so we might try to keep that a bit more complete. It depends on the seminar organisers sending in links and graphics though.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Site migration: step 1


It's been a long time since there's been new material on the blog. I've been traveling a lot - Italy, USA, training, and planning for Taira sensei to come to New Zealand in October.

Amongst all of that, many of you know we have been talking about migrating the Gojuryu Kenkyukai web site somewhere else. The site is old fashioned, we didn't have good integration with PayPal or other things, and  many people were members without paying, because we'd messed up that PayPal and a few other things. On top of that, the server just died and it look unrecoverable. We can restore the old functionality from backups, but that is a lot of work for nothing.

We are going to migrate all the old video, probably to Vimeo, and properly manage it using commercial software. We will put up the accounts we have on record, and we'll progress with the grand re-organisation we've been planning. We'll even put up new video for subscribers.

So bear with us, we're doing things. And there will be video from the NZ seminars, accessible through the 'new' site.


Friday, 12 June 2015

Iowa Seminar

The training at Iowa seminar was great ... as always...same as everywhere...

Sensei was wanting to make sure that dojo shibus are teaching ippon kumite and Sandan uke..he knows he doesn't teach it at his seminars..but he wants to make sure we are.

Also I got the feeling for gradings he wants to see the kihon ippon kumite drills.

I want to thank sensei Ken Erridge and Sue, Bill Martin and Mick from England and Rui from Portugal for making the long trek to Iowa and Chuck Nuccio for taking all the hits

Congrats to Bill Martin, Sue Robinson, and Travis Young for their godan gradings and Shonna Dovel for her Nidan grading...also Travis Young was awarded shibu status for Wisconsin.

Brian Loterbauer

Thursday, 4 June 2015

You lose some, you win some

In any organisation, people come and people go. We are happy to get new members and new shibu. We regretfully see others leave and wish them well on their path. But the strength of the Okinawa Goju Ryu Kenkyukai is Taira Masaji Sensei. Without him to lead the way we have no guide on the path.
There are other paths, and people take those paths for reasons that suit them. But we stay with Taira sensei, we will attend his seminars, practice his techniques, and develop within his framework. We will build on his teaching. He's the reason we all came together.
I still remember the first time I saw him, and couldn't believe that I'd finally found what I was looking for, making Goju Ryu Kata practical. I could take what I know now, and show everyone what I have learned - but without him to have shown me the way, and to still show me new things - my Goju would be poorer.
So to those leaving - farewell and good luck. But we're just fine right here.