Tuesday 6 May 2014

Okinawa Goju Ryu Kenkyu Kai Gasshuku 2014 New Jersey

This year marked our 6th seminar with Taira Sensei and we are looking forward to hosting again next year.

Shibu’s in attendance were:

Shibu and rank certificates were awarded to John and Nancy Eccles of Glasco Karat. Shibu status was also awarded to Tanka Ramos of The Rising Son Association. Congratulations and welcome to The OGKK!

  • Tuan Nguyen was promoted to Nidan-Congrats Tuan!
  • Michael Kory Green from The Empty Cup Dojo was promoted to 1st Kyu. Great job Michael!

The seminar was well attended and focused on Taira sensei’s unique technique of making kata work. 

We started with the basic, over/under-open/close-inside/outside and built on those principles using specific techniques within kata. These hand drills have many variations enabling you to respond to different reactions. We also spent a considerable amount of time working on the ashi waza techniques. These techniques show you why you are in a specific stance, and why the transition from stance to stance is so important. 

So there goes another insightful seminar showcasing the refined and unique technique of Masaji Taira 9th Dan Hanshi and Chairman of The Okinawa Goju Ryu Kenkyu Kai. See you all next at the next one…….

Mark Kapel

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