Monday 23 March 2015

Gold Coast and Melbourne seminars done

Taira sensei is leaving Australia now, and he's run a great series of seminars in the Gold Coast with Damien Martin and Hannah Thornton; and then Melbourne with Pete Keogh and Steve Nedelkos.

Damien ran a residential camp seminar, everybody that took part really enjoyed it. Numbers down probably because of the huge Arnold Classic tournament and competitions   running the same weekend, but I'm told that just made the training more special.

Melbourne was a bit more crowded. Taira sensei stayed with Steve, so the after-training would have been really comfortable. A lot of people trained with Sensei, and a bonus session at Vince Busuttill's dojo was well received.

Congratulations to Hannah  for being accepted as a Kenkyukai Shibucho, grading for Craig Larsen and a few others.  I'll get more details when I can, and badger some people for a seminar report for the newsletter.

There was a grading in Melbourne as well, more details as I get them.

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