Friday 12 June 2015

Iowa Seminar

The training at Iowa seminar was great ... as always...same as everywhere...

Sensei was wanting to make sure that dojo shibus are teaching ippon kumite and Sandan uke..he knows he doesn't teach it at his seminars..but he wants to make sure we are.

Also I got the feeling for gradings he wants to see the kihon ippon kumite drills.

I want to thank sensei Ken Erridge and Sue, Bill Martin and Mick from England and Rui from Portugal for making the long trek to Iowa and Chuck Nuccio for taking all the hits

Congrats to Bill Martin, Sue Robinson, and Travis Young for their godan gradings and Shonna Dovel for her Nidan grading...also Travis Young was awarded shibu status for Wisconsin.

Brian Loterbauer

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