Monday 26 October 2015

Buttazzoni Sensei in Hungary

Andrea Buttazzoni ran a seminar in Hungary recently, hosted by László MONINGER Sensei, a Kyokushin practitioner. You may have seen videos of Moninger Sensei demonstrating the application of some of Taira sensei's work to the Kyokushin versions of the kata. He proves that you don't have to be   a Goju practitioner to get value from Taira Sensei's principles and practices. Well done everyone

Report by Andrea BUTTAZZONI on HUNGARY Seminar 2015

Host: Mr. László MONINGER
Location: Veszprém, Hungary. (About 500 km from Udine)
Date: 17 October 18, 2015
Training Time Table: from 10:00 to 13:00 am and 16:00 to 18:00 pm
Technical program of lessons: Okinawa Goju ryu Kenkyukai Basic training.


  • 35 people from: Hungary Shin Kyokushin Karate Dojo - Laszlo MONINGER sensei
  • 4 people from: Hungary Okinawa Goju ryu dojo Kenkyukai - Laszlo Kiss sensei
  • 4 people from: Karate dojo Udine.

Short information on MONINGER László sensei

Rank: 3th dan
Karate Style: Shin Kyokushin

Participation in TAIRA sensei Seminar:

  • United Kingdom - year: ??? Organizer Dojo New Forest Martial Arts
  • Italy - year 2013 - Organizers Dojo: Karate Udine
  • Italy - year 2014 - Organizers Dojo: Karate Udine
  • Italy - year 2015 - Organizers Dojo: Karate Udine

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