Monday 2 October 2017

August 2017 - Australia

Over the weekend of 19th-27th August, over 95 Karateka from many Goju styles travelled from the Middle East, Thailand, Queensland, Canberra, South Australia, regional Victoria and Metropolitan Melbourne and Sydney to gather together for one reason and one reason only, to train with Masaji Taira Sensei.

August 2017 Taira sensei seminar (Group photo)

This is the 7th year running, that Sensei has visited our shores and once again, he left us thrilled with the response of Aussie Karateka and their willingness to empty their cups and look beyond their regular training. Participants were treated to applications that started with Gekisai and amazingly evolved to Suparinpei, demonstrating the many correlations between each and every kata.

Pete Keogh sensei with Taira Sensei
Once again I had the privilege to host the Melbourne leg and again Sensei left the participants scratching their heads and wondering “How did he do that?” We're again looking forward to this coming March 3/4th for Melbourne and also excitingly bring Sensei to Adelaide South Australia 10/11th March for the first time.

Pete Keogh
Goju-Ryu Kenkyukai Shibu