Thursday 9 May 2024

From Paris


Nirina Sensei said this on Facebook:
Last weekend, it was the 10th Taira Masaji seminar in France. 
We had a great time enjoying the practice of Gojuryu karate. Taira sensei himself never stop improving his Gojuryu kata and kobudo analysis.
Like always, it was with kindness and generosity that he shared with us his knowledge.
I would like to say infinitely thanks to Taira Masaji sensei for everything he has given us and everything he represents.
Also thank you to all international Kenkyukai family who came attending the seminar. We really have spent a wonderful time together. Thank you!!!
All my congratulations for all who passed Dan examination!! Bravo!
Finally, big thanks also to all members of Kenkyukai France for the all organization around this seminar!! Banzaiii!!!


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